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We often get the question: Which is the best drill brand?

Unfortunately, it’s not just a related question.

There are a lot of probable factors involved. Also, the trust factor from the manufacturers certainly matters a lot.

With that said, I think it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we showcase the best Dewalt drill.

Now some of you may be asking: why?

Well, Dewalt household tools have been around for quite some time now.

The way they research their customer’s safety and convenience has made them more reliable than some of the existing drill brands.

With that out of the way, I think it’s time to get started with the tool reviews (DIY tool).

Best Dewalt Drill Reviews of 2023

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#1. Dewalt dcd777c2 Review

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Who won’t be happy with the best mini cordless drill?

You see, when you pair ‘small’ and ‘light’ together, you get the perfect recipe for a mini drill that offers a great deal of convenience.

And when it comes to the best DeWalt cordless drill with such pairings, then the dcd777c2 is one of the best cordless brushless drills out there for your DIY projects and home use as well as for the construction workers.

Dewalt dcd777c2


  • The brushless DC motor offers quality output.
  • Compact design fits into small spaces easily.
  • The design ergonomics offer proper gripping and balance.
  • Battery life is satisfactory.
  • It comes with a convenient LED light.
  • Easy to use.


  • The exterior feels a bit cheap.

Features and Benefits

Compact and lightweight design stature
If you look past the black and yellow color scheme, then you will find the ergonomics of the dcd777c2 very appealing.

With packaging, it gets to around 5.8-pounds, which probably will give you a better idea of what you are dealing with here.

As the entire drill housing is so small and light, carrying it daily won’t give you much of a problem overall.

High-level performance parameters
The dcd777c2 is a small-scale device with a 340-watt high-capacity motor.

Although it may not seem much at first.

But, when you pair the 70-75% runtime with lithium-ion batteries, you will find it to be a very efficient option.

Battery life and motor performance
It does feature a 20-volt capacity lithium-ion battery charge.

At first, it doesn’t feel like much. But as you can get variable speed options while maintaining a stable lifetime, there probably shouldn’t be any complaints.

As far as the motor performance goes, then you are getting a brush-less DC motor, which offers somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% new lifetime.

Also, the fact that you can reach 1750-rpm is one of its notable features.

Other usability factors
Other notable features include a built-in LED, which has a 20-second delay time after the release of the trigger.

Also, the 0.5-inch single-sleeve chuck comes to the rescue, when you are looking for something with better control.

#2. Dewalt 20v max drill and impact driver

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A combo kit often features the options for the best budget cordless drill.

The DCD985 hammer drill kit, along with the DCF885 impact driver does have the necessary features to qualify as a set of budget best Dewalt cordless drills.

Dewalt 20v max drill and impact driver


  • A solid cordless drill kit with superior design and ergonomics.
  • Both heavy-duty cordless drills offer multiple speed ratings.
  • The chucks on both cordless drills offer the right level of accuracy and gripping.
  • The integrated motors offer good usability and control.


  • Unfortunately, the belt hook doesn’t have any bit holders.
  • The batteries don’t seem to want to charge before draining out completely.

Here are its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Small-scale design and ergonomics
In case you are looking for a compact set of heavy-duty cordless drills with top-of-the-line ergonomics, then this cordless drill set has your back.

The DCD985 and the DCF885 both have a similar set of ergonomics, offering better usability and control overall.

Also, the power tool features power-resistant design features.

It means you won’t have to be a superman to be able to handle these cordless drills. Just be your natural self, and you’re good to go.

Power and performance criteria
You can divide the performance of the best Dewalt drill set into two sections.

First of all, when it comes to hammer drills, the 535-watt high-capacity motor is very efficient for medium drilling loads.

Also, the ½-inch ratcheting chuck is very capable of offering the right amount of grip and control, extending the overall lifespan.

Then you have the 3-speed transmission system for the brushless hammer drill, which can go up to 2000-rpm speed at most.

As you are getting 575, 1350, and 2000-rpm ratings with 30% better performance, looking for a better option will seem a bit far-fetched.

On the other hand, the impact driver motor can offer 2800-rpm speed ratings, which is more than 40% faster than the current market offerings.

Also, another notable and convenient feature can be the fact that the 0.25-inch hex chuck can accept 1-inch bit tips as well, which is something you won’t find easily.

Battery Life and longevity
You are getting to use a 20-volt capacity li-ion battery, which in itself is very efficient and long-lasting overall.

So, whenever you are dealing with a lithium-ion battery, you are automatically in the safe zone in terms of usability and longevity.

Accessories and others
In terms of the overall experience, if you add the fact that you are getting a travel case, a 30-minute charger, a 360-degree side handle and a belt hook you can easily see why you are paying such a price premium.

#3. DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 0.5″ 2.0Ah Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

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The best cordless drill is never easy to get your hands on.

When you factor in the usability of the overall experience, then it is tough to justify going with any brand.

But, fortunately, Dewalt never really makes any compromise with their power tool product lineup, especially when it comes to their drills.

And the DCD7912D does deliver from the vendor’s end when it comes to functionality and usability overall.

DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 0.5


  • The batteries offer better performance efficiencies.
  • The compactness of the design is spot on.
  • Multiple speed settings with good control and efficiency.
  • Very convenient for working in the dark thanks to the 3-LED lighting mode.
  • The motor efficiency is top quality.


  • There is no space for extra bits.

Features and Benefits

Compact nature with top-notch ergonomics
The makers at Dewalt always come up with superior ergonomic designs for their power tools.

And the DCD7912D is no exception in this regard.

The 3.4-pound body with an overall dimension of 6.9-inches is pretty capable when it comes to fitting into tight spaces.

Also, the grip and weight balance are more than acceptable, offering a good deal of functionality.

Battery performance and lighting
With XR lithium-ion batteries, you are pretty much guaranteed a useful lifetime.

You can expect more than 30% more efficiencies than some other existing brands in the market.

Also, the LED spotlight mode that offers the 20-minute shut-off functionality as well offers extended levels of functionality when it comes to working in the dark.

Moreover, you are getting 3-mode lighting, making working in the dark much more comfortable and convenient.

Motor performance criteria
As far as the motor functionality goes, then you are pretty much ensured more than 50% overall runtime.

Also, thanks to the high-efficiency capabilities of the motor, you now have two motor settings, 550-rpm, and 2000-rpm, offering more than 30% better performance than some of the existing brands.

Additional features
The carry case that comes with the DCD7912D is very robust, with its hard-plastic shell and lightweight nature.

It certainly adds some extra value to the overall package.

#4. DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit

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As far as the best cordless drill 2019 goes, we think the DC970K-2 from Dewalt can undoubtedly be a contender for the top spot.

Not only does it have a mix of some great features, but the usability is also on par with some of the best drills you can currently find on the market.

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit


  • The motor efficiency is spot on.
  • The exterior is minimal and compact.
  • Ergonomics are commendable.
  • Dual settings offer excellent functionality for medium drilling holes.
  • The ratcheting chuck offers excellent grip and usability.


  • A lithium-ion battery would have offered a better battery life.

Features and Benefits

Minimal design footprint
For a cordless drill, it is prudent that it is small and lightweight.

Thankfully, the DC970K-2 does pass with flying colors in this department.

A 4.7-pound body with an ergonomically built body, the user faces no problem whatsoever handling the DC970K-2.

Also, the NiCad battery doesn’t add a lot of heft to it.

Still, it manages to keep the overall performance at optimal levels.

Moreover, thanks to the small-scale design, tight corners will become a worry for the past.

You won’t have to face any extra labor, as it can handle tight corners without much of a hassle.

Dual speed usability and performance
Drill machines, having a variable speed dial, or anything like that often become the prime choice for carpenters and other users.

And the DC970K-2 does feature a dual speed mode, which can either work at 450-rpm or 1500-rpm.

And with the help of the 380-watt high input motor, maintaining the rpm limits doesn’t come off as anything particularly hard.

Battery capacity and chuck usability
Do a battery and charger even fall within the features category?

The simple answer is yes. Also, it’s not just about the 18-volt battery capacity of the DC970K-2.

You also need to have a decent charger paired with it as well.

With that said, the DC970K-2 comes with a 1-hour charger, which gets the job done just fine.

Also, the 0.5-inch ratcheting chuck, which is keyless, of course, offers better grip and precision overall.

Included Accessories
The included contractor bag is a bonus as it does feature a good enough design for your daily endeavors.

The Dewalt Drill Parts

Before getting to know why we chose to review the best DeWalt drill, let’s get to know a little about the United States-based company.

Initially, the Dewalt company was founded by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1923.

After his initial success of the radial arm, the Dewalt company kept growing, as it resurfaced as DeWalt Inc. in 1947.

The best DeWalt drill parts are, by far, one of the best options for guaranteed longevity and usability.

Their careful engineering endeavors, along with the support of the community, have made them invincible when it comes to household power tools.

Also, their electrical motor designs are superior as well, offering better control and efficiency for professional users.

The Dewalt Drill Warranty

The Dewalt drill (Dewalt tools) warranty offers a good bit of coverage overall, as you get a good warranty alongside a robust and no-compromise replacement facility as well.

Although they do exclude all sorts of incidental or consequential damages, they will stand by you and your product.

For instance, if for any reason your drill bit fails and the markings are intact, then Dewalt will take responsibility for it and exchange it for free.

Usually, the limited warranty period can stretch up to 3-years with a 90-day replacement policy.

Depending on your region, you may or may not eligible for the Dewalt warranty privileges. Check out their website for more information.

The best Dewalt Drill Alternative: Top-rated Ryobi Drills.

Final Thoughts

You now know why we went with the best DeWalt drill review.

If you match all the features of the respected products, then you will probably notice a pattern.

And the pattern will show you how efficient and accurate all the Dewalt cordless drills are, despite their pricing.

If you think of it in a free sort of way, then the pricing should make sense to you.

A cordless drill is by no means cheap.

Also, if you don’t find the right features matching your needs, then, likely, you will not go with that option.

But with Dewalt, it’s all about balance.

You are not just getting the drill; you are getting precision and value at the same time.

All in all, you indeed won’t find any better alternative than the best Dewalt drill.

At least for now!

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