Cordless Drill Storage: Step by Step Guide

Cordless Drill Storage

Building cordless drill storage with battery station isn’t that hard as you might have been thinking. I know how bad it feels to keep the drills unorganized and in a messed up condition. I also understand, building a cordless drill organizer with battery station may turn into a nightmare if you don’t know the procedure … Read more

Corded vs Cordless Drill: Which One Is The Best

Corded vs Cordless Drill

Nowadays we’re going all out on wireless technology. What Nikola Tesla started is now being implemented across the globe. Well, not actually. However, let’s move aside from Nicola Tesla and wireless. Let’s talk about drills. Nowadays, cordless drills are seeing a popularity boost. So, does this mean the end of corded drills? Are those noisy … Read more

How to Charge a Cordless Drill Battery without a Charger

How to Charge a Cordless Drill Battery without a Charger

Cordless drills are considered as bliss among the users. Because of their portability and other exciting features, they have become the sweet child of the drills. However, it’s common among people to break the charger or ruin it somehow. After ruining the charger, people tend to buy a new one. However, there’s another way of … Read more

How to Use a Cordless Drill: Experience Shared By Real User

how to use a cordless drill

Anyone can use a drill. Wait a second. Can ‘Anyone’ use a drill? Well here’s the thing- Many can use corded drills. But when it comes to using cordless drills, many seem to lack knowledge. Even the internet statistics disagree with the first line from this article. Around 320 people every month search by writing … Read more