Who Makes the Best Cordless Drill: Top 8 Big Players in the Industry


The perception of the cordless drill may vary from one person to another. What is best for one might be below standard for another.

However, we can agree on one thing about best. That is the best means of quality.

So, when it comes to the question who makes the best cordless drill, we have to look differently. We have to look for quality drill makers to answer this question.

In a world full of drill companies, it’s hard to find companies that are considered as quality to mass people.

So, let’s not waste any more time and drill right into the list of best cordless drill makers.

Who Makes the Best Cordless Drill: Let’s Have a Look

#1. DeWalt

In 1922, Mr. Raymond DeWalt perfected the first woodworking machine. He was then the superintendent of Seabrook Farms. As a result, woodworking productivity and versatility increased.

Based on this, in 1924, DeWalt Product Company gets established in Leola, Pennsylvania. Their first product was an electric woodworking machine. Its name was DeWalt Wonder Worker.

In 1994, DeWalt kickstarted a cordless revolution by introducing over 30 cordless tools. Among these tools was the most powerful cordless tool of that time. This was the 14.4 Volt cordless drill/driver.

With time DeWalt has become more diversified and technologically driven. Their cordless drill product line offers different products for different segments of people.

Here are some of its best drills.

Few other top-quality models are:

#2. Makita

Cordless has been a trend in electronics for a long time. And it’s obvious to have a Japanese brand at the 2nd on the list of best cordless drill makers.

Makita Electric Works was founded in 1915 in Japan. In 1958 Makita Corporation became the first Japanese company to make and market portable electric planers.

In 1978, Makita launched its 6010D rechargeable drill. This was the nickel-cadmium battery tool of this company.

In 2010 Makita introduced its Model TD 133D Cordless Impact driver. The interesting fact here is that it had a brushless motor.

Makita drills are famous for giving the best value for the price.

Some Makita cordless drills are-

#3. Bosch

Bosch tools is a global market holder of power tools such as drills. Bosch tools is a division of the Bosch Group.

The DNA of Bosch Group was established in 1986 when Robert Bosch established ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.’

In 1927 the Bosch Engineer Hermann Steinhart got in touch with a device. This was a Firefox with an integrated motor in its handle.

Soon this was brought to the series production stage. Later this concept developed into the first hammer drills.

In 2003 the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation got founded. And soon after they started making cordless electric power tools.

Some of the best Bosch Cordless Drills are-

#4. Craftsman

Craftsman made its debut in 1927 as THE CRAFTSMAN® BRAND.

Just two years later, in 1929, Craftsman introduced electric drills to its product line. Since then, drills have been one of its essential products.

In 2000, Craftsman took themselves to a new height. That year Craftsman tools were available at 150+ Army and Air Force Base Exchanges and Post Exchanges.

In 2010, the Craftsman Brand introduced its first concept showroom. It was called the Craftsman Experience.

Now they have a range of cordless drills offered throughout the world. And one thing is present in all those categories.

That is quality.

Now, let’s look at some of the best Craftsman cordless drills-

#5. Hitachi

This brand is mostly known to us for its home appliances products. But in reality, they have high-tech industrial products to regular home appliances.

In between, there are Hitachi tools.

Hitachi was founded in 1910 in Japan. So, this makes Hitachi the 2nd Japanese company on this list.

There are around 100 Hitachi Group Companies out there in the world. And everyone working at Hitachi is giving out their best quality.

Hitachi has different cordless drills made for different types of works. These drills have an excellent design (in the case of both internal design and external design). Moreover, you can choose among lightweight, handy, powerful, price-efficient cordless drills.

Some of the best Hitachi Cordless Drills are-

#6. Kobalt

Kobalt tools was launched by Lowe’s in 1998. This was the result of a market competition strategy for Lowe’s.

Home Depot has Husky, and Sears has Craftsman. So, Lowe’s launched Kobalt.

However, that doesn’t mean Kobalt has low quality. After its inception, Kobalt started bringing in innovations to its products, just like other dedicated companies.

Now, the Kobalt brand has more than 1700 products under its name. And cordless drills are one of those.

Kobalt cordless drills have high design quality, super functionality, and price efficiency.

Here are some of the best Kobalt Cordless Drills-


In 1923, RIDGID was born through the introduction of the iconic RIDGID pipe wrench. And in this year the RIDGID Tool Company was incorporated in Ohio.

In 1966, Ridge Tool Company partnered up with Emerson Electronics. As a result, RIDGID increased its focus on R&D.

In 2014, they launched their electrical tool program with RE 6.

RIDGID cordless drills are pretty famous for their power output and efficiency. And because of that, they are on this list.

So, let’s look at some RIDGID cordless drills-

#8. Ryobi Drills

Ryobi is one of the trusted brands in the drilling industry and producing top-class products. Read the honest and unbiased review here.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the best 7 brands that make cordless drills. And with that, we hope that you got your answer to the question- ‘who makes the best cordless drill?’

These brands fight all the time to surpass each other. These brands continuously try to give out the best quality at the least price.

Good luck and ask us if you have any questions.

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