Best Welding Machine Brands of 2023 Reviewed by Real User


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Welding is an ancient form of action that handymen are practiced for centuries now.

If you have a bird’s eye view of the vast market, you’ll see dozens of brands offering hundreds of models for you.

But which one you’ll shortlist for your welding project?

Well, a smart approach is to stick to the best welding machine brands in the first place.

You will surely get some of the best models along with the brand value.

And that’s the purpose of this article.

We have listed 4 of the top-rated welding brands, along with a quick glimpse of their brand identity, history, formation, and of course, their welding models.

Hop on the wagon, and let’s get going-

Best Welding Machine Brands of 2023 (Top Brands)

#1. Esab Rebel Welder

Esab Rebel Welder

The first scorer on the list is Esab Welders- the 115 years old welding manufacturer in the welding industry.

The company has it’s headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

And in the course of its run, it was acquired by Colfax Corporation in January 2012.

And in the very recent 2018, the company received Sandvik- a wire business company.

The company was founded by Oscar Kjellberg back in 1904.

The root of Oscar establishing this company was Oscar’s patented manual metal arc welding technology.

Since then, they are innovated in the industries of welding and cutting.

Let’s focus on what sort of welders the brands are producing.

Well, there is not a particular genre that they have been around.

We’ve seen them bringing on a multi-purpose welding machine that does all MIG, TIG, and Stick welding.

Also, they have individual MIG, TIG, and ARC welding machines.

Overall, they have the pride of owning some of the most familiar and frequently used welding machines by welders across the state.

esab welders

Some of Their Quality Welding Machines:

#2. Klutch Welder

klutch welder logo

Kluth Welder is a sister concern of the famous tools manufacturing giant Northern Tools.

The company was founded back in 1981; it has its current headquarters located in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Northern Tools was founded by Don Kotula, who used to work as an accountant in his early days.

Eventually, he established a hydraulic shop right in his garage and established a shop to sell cylinders, valves, and how-to manuals to users.

Over time, this garage-born startup turned into a grown-up corporation.

And no doubt that Northern tool is one of the most talked-about brands in the game of hand; /power tools manufacturing.

The welding machines that Klutch Welder produces are made and assembled in China.

Now, that’s something that many brands of our times are practicing.

And so far, we can see they are not doing not without any reason.

As long as the reviews and the user’s experiences are concerned, we can’t help giving them some good ratings in terms of performance, size, and price-point.

The significant kinds of welders that Northern Tools manufacture is- arc welders, wire feed welders, plasma cutters, etc.

Klutch Welder

Some of Their Quality Welders:

  • Klutch ST80i Plus Inverter-Powered DC Stick/TIG Welder
  • Klutch 200DV Dual-Voltage Inverter-Powered Multi-purpose Welder
  • Klutch ST200i Inverter-Powered Stick Welder
  • Klutch MIG/Stick 220Si 230V Multiprocess Welder

#3. Lincoln Welder

Lincoln Welder

At #3 of this list, we’ve got The Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. in hand.

Unlike many of the famous brands, Lincoln Electric is not focused on manufacturing welding-based quality products and welding equipment only.

Instead, they have a wide range of product lineups, and we thank them for that.

This Fortune 1000 company has it’s headquartered in Euclid, Ohio.

But the product network and distributors of the Lincoln Electric brand are worldwide.

More than 160 countries have customers, and the company should take great pride in that.

To our utter surprise, the Lincoln Electric business had been listed as one of the role models of businesses in Harvard Business School.

However, Lincoln Electric was founded in 1985 by John C. Lincoln in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, and the brand name goes after the founder’s name.

An interesting story is Lincoln founded this company with a captive investment of just $200 to market his designs of electric motors. And now, we can see where they stand.

Lincoln Welders

However, Lincoln Electric has got a variety of welder machines that are easy to use with excellent customer service, which will be noted down below-

Some of Their High-quality Welding Machines:

#4. Vulcan Welder

Vulcan Welder

Heard of Paul Allen before?

Yeah, we are talking about the Microsoft Co-founder.

In parallel to the software and computer business, this genius had focused on some more fields, and Vulcan Inc. is one of them.

And the company we’re talking about is one of the leading brands.

Paul Allen established the company in 1986, so this company is pretty young compared to the other three brands we’ve discussed.

It has its headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Vulcan Inc. is the parent company of Vulcan Welding, where the parent brand has some other business interests such as real estate, capital investment business, arts, entertainment, and so on.

However, we are focused on the welding portion of the brand, and that’s what we will talk about.

Like any other good welding machine brand, they produce MIG welders, TIG welders, Stick welders, and of course, multi-purpose welders.

Apart from the welder machines themselves, they also manufacture many welding equipment, wearables, and parts.

Some of Their Top Rated Welding Machines:

top welder manufacturers list

Final Verdict

Brands are not the last thing you will consider while buying a welding machine, that’s for sure.

But a shortlist of the best welder brands will give you a hand to sort out what’s right and what’s unfortunate.

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