Tekton wrn77164 Review of 2023: Best Ratcheting Wrench Set


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TEKTON the master of the hand tool industry has been producing several handy tools for years now.

More importantly, they are continuously introducing the estate of art technologies to make your life easy while using their tools. No doubt, their products are widely accepted and they don’t cost a fortune.

Hi, in this TEKTON wrn77164 review article, I’m going to review two sets of TEKTON wrenches of different lengths where each of them is offering different sizes.

Of course, I will be mentioning the different upsides and trade-offs of those wrenches during this review process. I will also elaborate on some of the core features and benefits before I end this TEKTON wrn77164 review guide.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

TEKTON wrn77164 Review of 2023

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The Metric Version

  • Total number of wrenches: 6
  • Length range: 9-inches – 16-inches
  • Total sizes: 12
  • Size ranges: 8mm – 19mm

The Standard Version

  • Total number of wrenches: 4
  • Length range: 9-inches – 16-inches
  • Total sizes: 8
  • Size ranges: 5/16-inches – ¾-inches

TEKTON wrn77164


  • Available in both metric and standard versions.
  • Both versions come with a handy wrench rack without any additional charge.
  • Well-made tools.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Convenient lengths of ratchets.
  • All of the ratchets offer a good grip.
  • Because of the length, you will get more leverage and space.
  • The flex head design makes it easy to use at an awkward angle.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • These sets are easily portable because of the useful rack handle.
  • Easy to store due to the mounting holes on the rear part of the rack.
  • Keeping the set in the toolbox or toolbox drawer is not inconvenient either due to the angle of the wrenches.
  • Identifying the size of the wrench is very easy because of the way (angled) the ratchets are lined up in the rack.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • All of the wrenches have a non-locking flex head. Meaning sometimes it can bump-off while working at an awkward angle. However, this is not a major drawback as it’s a rare case.
  • The wrenches have a non-reversible head design. However, rotating the wrench 180-degrees for the reverse turning is not hard to do either.
  • The box end could have been thinner. Nonetheless, the thickness will only disturb you in a low clearance situation. Otherwise, it’s all good.

Exclusive Features and Benefits

Let me give you a clear idea of some cool features of these wrenches.

All of the Wrenches Offer Different Sizes

Both the standard and metric versions offer different sizes of wrenches.

The standard set version includes four different wrenches with eight different sizes. The sizes vary from 5/16-inch to ¾-inch.

They vary in lengths too. The smallest wrench of the standard version is about 9-inches long and the largest one is about 16-inches long.

The metric set version includes a total of six different wrenches with twelve different sizes ranging from 8mm to 19mm.

Like the standard set, this metric set also varies in length. The smallest wrench of this metric set is about 9-inches and the largest one is about 16-inches long.

Long and Strong

As I said, these wrenches come in different lengths and it is related to one of the greatest benefits that the larger wrenches offer.

The length provides a great amount of leverage you can place on a fastener. Eventually dealing with narrow spaces and tough fasteners become so easy for you using them. Specifically, you can apply some additional torque.

Dealing with a higher torque setting is not easy or sometimes impossible using a regular wrench. But these specialized TEKTON wrenches can handle the higher torque settings with ease.

180-degree Flex Head

All the wrenches of this set share some common features. The 180-degree flex head is one of them. It allows dealing with an awkward angle without any trouble whatsoever.

You just have to angle the head of the wrench and slide it onto the fastener to engage it. You can easily remove it or install it. A regular standard wrench would fail in this scenario.

6-Point Box End

These wrenches offer a 6-point design which you won’t see too often in case of a ratcheting wrench.

This design helps at not rounding off or damaging the fasteners.

Because once you engage the fastener with the head of the wrench, the fastener doesn’t get any room to move at all.

On the other hand, a 12-point wrench creates room for the fasteners to move around if you don’t use the correct size.

So obviously this 6-point box end design makes your life easier than you would’ve expected.

5-degree Swing Arc

If you compare a ratcheting box-end to a non-ratcheting box end, the main thing to keep in mind is the amount of position in one rotation.

These TEKTON wrenches offer 72 teeth mechanisms that will let you hear 72 clicks in one rotation. That means it has a very low 5-degree swing arc to reach the next tooth position.

How does this help?

This feature enables you to use wrenches efficiently when there is not much room to move.

Whereas a non-ratcheting standard 12 point design offers a 36-degree swing arc which is not something that you should expect if you have the better option like these wrenches.

The Overall Design and Usability

So far, I’ve mentioned a lot of good reasons to love these wrench sets (both the metric version and standard version).

I must say, the overall design and usability of these wrenches are so good that any DIY or professional will agree with me.

They can provide you so much additional leverage and they also reach the fastener where a normal wrench can’t reach because of the flex head.

No matter if they are the best replacement for your current wrenches, but for sure they could be a great addition to your toolbox due to their overall design, benefits, and usability.

Tekton wrn77164 Alternatives on the market

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Final Verdict

In this TEKTON WRN77164 review guide I reviewed and made comments on both the metric and standard versions of these TEKTON extra-long flex head ratcheting boxes.

If you ask me whether I vote for these two sets, my answer is ‘yes I do vote’.

Because none of the sets will break your bank.

They will confirm the performance, accuracy, and support you are looking for.

What else do you need?

As mentioned earlier, their customer service is excellent. Read the customer reviews before buying.

Please comment below to get in touch if you have anything to ask.

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