TEKTON 24340 Review of 2023: Best Drive Click Torque Wrench


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TEKTON is one of the leading brands when it’s to manufacturing hand tools.

No doubt, each of their products including the click torque wrench excels in quality and doesn’t break your bank.

Being said that, it’s not logical to buy each version of their click torque wrench and test it yourself.

To make your life easy, I’ve come up with this TEKTON 24340 guide.

I am here to provide you all the information you need to decide if you should buy this wrench or not.

So, let’s get to know about this TEKTON wrench in detail in this torque wrench review.

TEKTON 24340 Review for 2023

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  • Drive: ½”
  • Dimension: 25 x 1.9 x 1.4 inch (length x width x height)
  • Range: 25-250 ft-lb; 33.9-338.9 Nm
  • Accuracy: +/- 4%
  • Increment: 1 ft-lb; 1.36 Nm
  • Ratchet: 24 tooth
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

TEKTON 24340


  • Easy to set and use.
  • Easy to read numbers on the body.
  • It comes with a handy storage box.
  • This wrench offers a good and comfortable grip to operate smoothly under any circumstances.
  • This one is a sturdy and heavy-duty wrench I should say.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • DIY friendly. A great tool for professionals as well.
  • It clicks loud so you won’t find any trouble whatsoever to hear the sound once you reach the desired torque.
  • Clear and easy-to-understand instruction manual having enough pictorial guidelines.
  • A handy and easy-to-use locking thumbscrew at the bottom of the wrench.
  • The adjustable handle works flawlessly to set the desired torque either on ft-lbs and NM units.
  • It is quite accurate I should say.
  • All-metal body. No flimsy plastic parts at all.


  • I’m not sure if you would find the length a tag bigger for your likings or not. Nonetheless, I don’t have any complaints about the length though.
  • I expected some adapters to come with the package. However, I still believe you are getting what you are paying for.

TEKTON as a brand has been manufacturing different hand tools for years now maintaining good quality and keeping the price reasonable.

Most of their tools are made in Taiwan and some in America. So you don’t have to worry about any cheap China product if you buy from this brand.

The best thing about TEKTON is its customer support. You just submit a logical replacement request or anything that you deserve to get from them, they will respond to you without asking any questions.

TEKTON 24340 Torque Wrench – Detail Explanation

Calibrated For Confidence

You can use this wrench straight out of the box as it comes pre-calibrated with +/- 4% calibration.

All in all, this click torque wrench performs well providing perfect accuracy. As a result, it won’t let you break the parts due to over-tightening the fastener.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about poorly secured parts as this wrench will make the click sound exactly when you reach the desired torque level.

So, as long as you are following the manufacturer’s recommended torque level you are good to go.

Don’t forget to take the torque to the lowest level once you are done using this wrench.

Simple and Reliable

Operating this click torque wrench is relatively easy. You have an easy-to-use little locking thumbscrew at the bottom of the wrench. On top of that, the adjustable handle is super easy to turn and fix the desired torque level before you operate the wrench.

As I said it offers +/-4% accuracy, so you can easily rely on this wrench. Besides the accuracy, another crucial point I want to mention here. That is the clear and loud click sound.

You will hear the click sound even while working at a moderately noisy place. So, you won’t face any difficulties to stop wrenching at the right moment when the desired torque is achieved.

Isn’t that reliable enough? I think so.

Easy-to-Read Scale

Did I mention the numbers on the scale are clearly visible?

Yes, true. This particular TEKTON click torque wrench offers dual-range scales (ft-lbs and Nm).

The numbers of both scales are high contrast and substantially big enough for clear visibility. You can see the number even in a low light condition.

All-Steel Construction

As I said, this particular heavy-duty torque wrench is made from corrosion-free steel, and no single parts of this wrench are made from plastic.

So, you don’t have to worry about breaking any parts while using this wrench in narrow spaces.

This wrench is manufactured in Taiwan. So, no chance of getting cheaply build Chinese products whatsoever.

That means you can expect a strong, durable wrench that won’t cost you anything for maintenance for long periods. You don’t even need any batteries to run this wrench.

The Overall Design and Usability

The overall design is exactly that good that you need for a perfect wrenching experience.

It is well built, aesthetically good, and of proper length to give you good support while tightening big fasteners.

The knurled handle and the microscale on it are black colored so that you can easily separate the microscale and dual-range scale on the body.

This wrench has a reversible head to offer you to tighten the fastener in any direction you require.

It’s not too heavy either and comes with a storage box. So you can easily add this to your toolbox and carry it wherever you move.

The instruction manual is also pictorial enough and filled with a lot of useful information to educate you about different torque levels and how to use this wrench.

That means no matter whether you used any click torque wrench in your life or not. The manual will teach you everything.

Tekton 24340 Alternatives

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Final Verdict

In this Tekton 24340 review and guide, I’ve left no stone unturned to answer all the possible questions you might have regarding this particular click torque wrench.

In short, if you are looking for a top-quality click torque wrench that will give you enough accuracy and won’t cost you a fortune then you can rely on this particular wrench.

Yes, I found very few hiccups that I also mentioned above in this torque wrench review. However, they are all minor issues if not any issue at all.

You won’t regret spending your money to buy this wrench.

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